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Besides performing myself, I really like to teach music at all levels. Helping others to learn the tools and mechanics to make music come to life makes me happy. I teach at my home studio in Utrecht but I can also teach online. So, are you looking for a violin teacher? Send me a message and let's see if we can set something up!

If you don't want weekly lessons, that's okay! We will find a schedule which works for you. Do you want help with a certain piece or do you just want advice? No problem, I am happy to help if I can!

Lessons can take place in both English and Dutch.


I want you to know what you are signing up for. So here is my rate.

  • The fist lesson of 30 miutes is always free. We have to see if we are a good match right?

  • After that I charge €55,- for a 60 minutes and €40,- for a 30 minutes lesson

  • Unfortunately I have to charge you when you don't cancel a lesson within 24 hours

Teaching music is all about discoveries. But above all it is about making someone fall in love with music a little bit more every single time

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