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" Wie in de zaal het hoofd draaide -

en dromend keek  -

naar haar zwarte schaduw op een paarse


kreeg haar muziek nog directer binnen

in hun rechteroor een viool vol tranen"


- Poet De Romein -

Written during the New Year celebration of the city of Utrecht in 2012


* English translation:

Those in the hall who turned their heads - 

stearing dreamily - 

at the black shadow on the purple wall

engulfed her music even more directly

in their right ear, a violin filled with tears"

"Exceptionally talented… A beautiful yet an intense and powerful tone. What a strong girl."

 - Randy Newman, 2016- 

"A very young and promising artist... serious personality and devotion to the violin and Music..."

 -Leonidas Kavakos, 2016- 

" Seldom have I heard someone playing this beautifully. Mastership goes beyond technical abilities. It asks for something extra, which can not be identified, touched or learned. Svenja has this rare and unique ability to touch and move the most magical parts of your soul."

 - Conny Coppen - 

“ Svenja Staats is a phenomenon on her violin. After her performance, the 1000-strong audiece remained silent for some time, before it burst into applause"

- Eerbeek, Podium Palisium, December 2011 - 

“ Die mehrfache Gewinnerin internationaler Wettbewerbe begeistert das Publikum immer wieder mit ihrer perfekten Technik und naturlichen Leiderschaft. …

Wer Svenja noch nicht kennt, hat etwas verpasst.”

- Rheiderland Zeitung, 06.02.2012 –

“ She causes something magical with her violin playing ... 

The sounds she creates with her violin reach your heart instantly. During her performance, she guides you to a world full of dreams and fantasies, and for a second, you seem to be far, far away”


        - Chiel Smaling, Stadsblad Utrecht 9.01.2013 - 

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