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To inspire = to breathe

I am always curious to find out what inspires other artists. I guess because it reveals something about them, something personal. It makes me understand the artist better and I secretly hope that whatever inspires them can inspire me too. It also gives you a glimpse inside their soul. What touches them so deeply that they start to write a book, paint a painting, or compose a piece? What triggers their creativity? What makes them determined to keep creating art? What keeps them going when life gets tough?

Inspiration is the breath of the soul

The word inspire comes from the Latin word inspirare, which means 'breathing into'. To inspire would mean 'to breath into' and getting inspired would mean 'getting breathed into'. When I found this definition I felt like for the fist time EVER, I was able to put into words what becoming inspired really feels like to me. In turns out, it's surprisingly simple: inspiration is the breath of the soul. Just like our bodies need oxygen to survive, our soul needs inspiration. By becoming inspired, our soul is able to evolve and to grow. It can discover, guide, and strengthen you. Inspiration is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It gives you the opportunity to dream and to imagine what your life can be like, widening your horizons into the unknown. Cheering you on, while you are trying to find your path in life. It can keep you going.

It is these moments of sudden inspiration that spark my creativity, making my soul grow in ways I never thought it could

I feel like sometimes people think inspiration is something hard to come by and something you have to work for to experience. But I don't believe that at all. Becoming inspired often just happens in the wink of an eye. In turn, inspiration can lead to creativity, which is a tool you can use to turn inspiration into something physical. Like a book, or a painting, or a song. One might argue that creativity is indeed something you need to practice. And as we all know: practice makes perfect. Inspiration is different though. It is like the air which is always there, but at the same time moves freely and may pass you by unnoticed. Something that inspires you today, doesn't have to inspire you tomorrow. Inspiration can be found in all sorts of things. While listening to music, reading a book, going to a museum, watching a movie, spending time in nature, having a conversation with a friend, or watching others fight for a cause which matters to them. You might be inspired while traveling the world, experiencing a different culture, or by just cooking a delicious meal in your own kitchen. It can happen while you watch a toddler learn how to walk, discovering the world step by step, finding joy in things that most adults take for granted. Some find inspiration while meditating, others get inspired while spending time with their family. For me, reading books, nature, and having interesting conversations with others is when I get most inspired. Learning about life as much as possible is what keeps me inspired, keeps me excited to make music. But, in all honesty, there isn't a more exciting feeling that becoming inspired when I least expect it. When I wasn't looking for something to change the way I was thinking, but it happened anyways. In that moment, it feels like my soul suddenly takes a deep breath. It is these moments of sudden inspiration that spark my creativity the most, making my soul grow in ways I never thought it could.

Stay open to the chance of becoming inspired, every minute of every day

It is good to take notice of the fact that the air you inhale in time will influence the health of your body. Your environment and the things you are surrounded by during everyday life will possibly become the breath of your soul. So try to surround yourself with things you find important, things you enjoy, things which you think will benefit your spirit. And remember: keep breathing. physically and mentally. Keep paying attention to the ordinary things in life, which you take for granted until they are not anymore. Stay open to the chance of becoming inspired, every minute of every day. Inspiration is an eternal source of happiness and might be waiting for you just around the corner...


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